Don’t buy a pellet smoker… just don’t

Grilling season is back baby!  I’m so glad this long winter is coming to an end, sunshine you are a sight for sore eyes!

For the last 3 years I’ve been doing all of my grilling and smoking from my GMG pellet smoker.  I’ve yet to burn or produce a bad meal, unless I was starting with a poor piece of meat to begin with.

Where a pellet smoker really shines though, is in the low and slow cooking methods.  The taste matches that of a stick smoker, and far out weighs that of an oven or slow cooker.   Today’s pellet smokers can maintain their temperatures better than your home’s oven and require much less attention then a stick smoker.

I’ve become so lazy in fact, that I will now put a pork shoulder in the smoker before I go to bed, and pull it out in the morning when I wake up, and it turns out perfect every time.  Here’s a quote from a friend of mine: “Yum”.  You can’t argue with that.

But there are still the traditionalists who don’t think you’re a real smoker unless you hand stoking the fire.  To those guys I say… “See you in the morning”.   As they are keeping their fire burning in the zone, I’m catching Zzzz’s and the finished product is the same.

So don’t buy a pellet smoker.  Go with a stick smoker, let me be the well rested champ at our next cook off.

West Coast Grillin'